My first travel trip. Helsinki
Oleksandr Kazimirchuk

I think it’s not that bad to share something nice that happening in your life with other people.
Of course, there are bazillions of show off type people that just brags about how they so cool, buying expensive stuff, going places, poop into a golden toilet, etc. And because of them, we have this fatigue of sharing (in the context of the intro).
Actually, because of that, I hadn’t started my account on the Instagram about half of the year after I bought a smartphone. I thought it’s for bimbos which share photos of their lunch (what is true).
But after all, I registered because I left vk and still wanted to know what happening with my friends. And I honestly happy if something fun happens in their lives.
Sometimes I feel a little bit depressed because nothing interesting going on with my life and in this case scrolling Instagram makes me feel even worse, but it’s not because of trends or something, it’s because at times my life sucks.
Sum it up, there are always be people who care and feel happy about something good that going on in your life. Without social media, it would be a lot harder to keep in touch with your friends.
What a time to be alive :)

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