So I kinda feel shitty always. You know, well, theres always a girl in the story, who dumps the guy, the guy is left alone, depression creeps in, the guy becomes a weirdo, yada yada yada. Well what about the girl, she’s chilled out, probably will get another guy soon, doesnt give a flying fuck about anything or anyone. I want to ask; ask if Its worth it? Well the amount of time that I spend like that creepy kid from class sure makes a strong case against it. I am not weird, im not creepy, its just that I’m hung over a girl who isnt interested in me. Girl girl girl, the word revolves around my life like a faithful dog would around its master. I want to feel again, I want to laugh again, I want breathe again, I want to believe again; Heck I just want to start living again. Someday she’ll be history, and ill move on. Till then, I keep introspecting my pathetic state.


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