Be Good Scotties: Chapter 3-Insurance

HCC Provides Accident Insurance for students living on campus! Lots of new opportunities exist for students attending HCC this year. One that we want both students and parents to be aware of is our new Student Accident Program. Students living in on campus housing are automatically signed up for this insurance protection. Student athletes living off campus are required to purchase the insurance policy. Here’s how it works:

Coverage extends to ALL school sponsored and supervised activities including: Intercollegiate Sports, Clubs (sports and non-sports), Intramurals, Field Trips & Classroom Activities, and any other accidents that occur on campus.

Beneifts are as follows: Accident Medical Expense is $3000 Max Benefit per injury/sickness; Insured Percentage is 100% of Reasonable and Customary; Deductible is $0 per injury; Benefit period is 1 year beginning August 1, 2015.

In case of an accident on campus or as a part of the listed activities, this insurance policy will kick in immediately and pay up to $3000 per injury. Many students living on campus are still covered under a parent’s policy. This HCC policy could certainly be used toward meeting deductibles of that policy. Whether a student has additional insurance coverage or not, this policy will pay immediately. HCC students who don’t live on campus but would like to purchase the plan may do so for $25 per semester. Please contact the HCC Business Office if interested in purchasing the plan at 785–442–6026.

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