Freedom 2.0 / Towards a New Physics of Human Systems
Peter Wang

Another smug, buzzword wielding tech executive farting fake philosophy through his fingers. Essentially this article says,“things should be better!” and posits no practical strategies for how to do it. This article has all the shoulds and have-tos of an emo teenager’s livejournal circa 2002, and the the same weight of ideas. Not only do does it lack praxis, it hides the face of human calamity behind an empty elevator pitch and weak scientific metaphor. Before you shit out your next thinkpiece, go look in the face of the homeless guy you try to ignore as you commute in your Tesla and tell them that how they’ll be helped by an improved metaphysics.

You want to bring about a “phase change in human civilization”, then give some time and money to a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter. If you want to convince yourself of your own profundity, keep on keepin’ on. Your navel-gazing bloviation is only clicks away from the praise of your peergroup.

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