Bleiben, restez, stay: why I’m voting Remain today

For my grandparents

…who fled the Russian advancement in post-war East Germany to make a new life in England. With no reciprocal acceptance of medical qualifications between England and Germany at that time, my grandfather, a qualified doctor with 20 years’ experience was unemployed for a year. With no job prospects available to him in the UK (he applied for 100s of posts), he had no option but to leave his young family behind for two years as he took work first as a ship’s doctor on a Norwegian whaling ship and then as a GP in Stanley, Falkland Islands.

For my dad

…who immigrated to England at the age of nine, having fled aggression and attack in the Russian zone with his mother and three siblings. He was bullied and beaten up at school for being German in post-war England. He went on to study medicine, qualified as a hospital doctor at the Royal London Hospital and tirelessly served the NHS for 43 years. He continues to take an active role in his community as a health campaigner, former school governor and serial volunteer.

For myself

…a child of Europe who has enjoyed the free movement and opportunity to work wherever I want within the EU. My experience is richer for it, I speak four European languages and have lived in other EU member states without need of visa or permission.

But most of all, like any parent, I am doing this…

For my children

…who, if we remain in the EU, will have an exponentially brighter future. They will live through the longest sustained peace Europe has seen. Their human rights will be better safeguarded. Their country will continue its important role on the global stage: influencing trade, countering international corruption and negotiating for a safer world. Their educational achievements will be recognised and transferable. Their economy will be relatively stable, having benefited from the continued free movement of people, services and goods. Their employment prospects will be more certain.

Please, if you are still wavering: Vote Remain.