Britney Spears — Glory Review

Britney Spears is back. Having been one of my long-time idols, Glory was a much anticipated release for not only me, but fans worldwide. It began one of her uplifting eras in ages and showed a new, much happier and confident side to Britney.

My favourite albums by this princess of pop to date include ‘In the Zone,’ ‘Blackout,’ and ‘Circus.’ I am now adding ‘Glory’ to this list. The ninth album in her iconic line of discography is beaming with light and liveliness. I am so happy to see Britney back at her prime. Glory is a true masterpiece and in her top three best albums for sure.


5. If I’m Dancing

4. Just Luv Me

3. Love Me Down

2. Make Me (feat. G-Eazy)

  1. Slumber Party