How Quickly We Forget

October 29, 2016. We walked around Wrigleyville stunned. The mighty Chicago Cubs, the best team in baseball just got crushed 7–2 by the Cleveland Indians to take a commanding 3–1 lead in the World Series. I am as optimistic a Cubs fan as can be, but let’s be honest, being down 3–1 in a best of 7 series doesn’t give you a lot of hope. We all know what happened next. 108 of futility ended in Cleveland as the Cubs shocked the world by winning the World Series in the greatest game 7 ever and held the largest party in the history of the western hemisphere. Yet here we are, one year later, in hysterics because the Dodgers have a 2–0 series lead in the NLCS. After a bruising series against the Washington Nationals and a bizarre plane trip with a diversion to Albuquerque, the Cubs offense and bullpen continue to struggle. I also remember the offense struggling for two and a half games in the NLCS last season. The Cubs got shut down by Clayton Kershaw and Rich Hill and were getting mowed down by a kid name Julio Urias when Ben Zobrist laid down a bunt that lit a spark under the Cubs offense. Am I concerned about the offense? Yes. Am I worried about the bullpen? Of course. Am I nervous the starting pitching is running out of gas? Absolutely. The one thing I don’t question? This teams heart. There are no metrics or advanced analytics that can measure the intangibles this Cubs team has. The Dodgers held on to their home field advantage. Now it is the Cubs turn. Hopefully the off day gives the Cubs a chance to catch their collective breaths after a crazy week of rain delays, mold, a marathon NLDS Game 5, a diverted plane trip, and a series against a team that had the best record in baseball. Professor Hendricks takes the mound for Game 3 and this offense has waken up from these types of slumps in the past. Don’t count this team out just yet. They never quit. It’s on the bottom of their damn ring.

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