Left side limits are correct, right side done wrong as limits are too wide.


When we released the Craydec Control Charts in May 2019, it was the first Power BI custom visual, which implemented the gem of the Statistical Process Control (SPC): the control charts. We have seen a great deal of interest around the visual, and that’s awesome! SPC is a powerful way to control your processes.

But what has surprised us is that on a few occasions, after the customer has taken the visual into use, they contact us to tell they get different results for control limits than before. …

New, simpler way to license our visuals

Starting today (6th of July 2019), we are changing the way our visuals are licensed. Until today, our visuals had two license types: one for small & mid-sized organizations and one for large organizations.

This is now changing.

From now on, we have only one license type. From now on, the price of the licenses depends only on the amount of licenses purchased.

Why are we doing this?

1. It is easier

We initially thought that the number of employees is unambiguous number and easy to determine. Surprisingly many of our customers have employee count near the license type threshold causing many originally unseen difficulties…

I think it was mid-March this year when a climate change skeptic claimed in morning tv-show that there is no change in the climate. Non, what-so-ever.

It was then, when I got the idea to use — then still in development — control charts for the Power BI to check whether the SPC (Statistical Process Control)tools would pick up the change in the temperature if there is one.

To make an analysis, you need data. The generosity of the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) made the data gathering task easy. The temperature observations from the year 1900 are available with just…

ImR-Chart of the monthly amount of speeding tickets written in Finland

On Friday the 5th of April, it finally happened. We got a mail from the Microsoft, announcing that our Control Charts Power Bi visual is finally published in the AppSource.

It was a big moment for us, as we’ve been developing the visual for some time now. But why do we think that the Control Charts for Power Bi is such a big thing?

1. It’s the first published Control Chart visual for the Power Bi

Search the web and you’ll find lots of discussions and many requests that Control Charts should be created for the Power Bi. And in…

We launched our Regression Chart recently. It hit Microsoft’s AppSource on last Friday. The visual had been cooking in our kettles for some time, so it is great to see it finally reach the users.

Now, as it is gaining users it is a good time to look in more detail why we are so excited about it.

1 — Dynamic loading of data

Firstly, the visual contains an element that we call dynamic data loading. It means that data is loaded and shown to the user in multiple chunks. …

Do you know the feeling when you have prepared a beautiful chart and get this small nagging feeling that something is just not right? You would like to explore to data more deeply to see if some subset of the data behaves differently than the rest?

Say, you have prepared a chart showing the prices and sizes of sales from the local housing market, as in the chart below.

You would like to dig in deeper and see if different regions, house types, old vs. new buildings or variable like that makes the chart behave differently.

If you have data…

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