Introducing the new licensing model of Craydec’s visuals

Craydec, Inc.
Jul 6 · 2 min read

New, simpler way to license our visuals

Starting today (6th of July 2019), we are changing the way our visuals are licensed. Until today, our visuals had two license types: one for small & mid-sized organizations and one for large organizations.

This is now changing.

From now on, we have only one license type. From now on, the price of the licenses depends only on the amount of licenses purchased.

Why are we doing this?

1. It is easier

We initially thought that the number of employees is unambiguous number and easy to determine. Surprisingly many of our customers have employee count near the license type threshold causing many originally unseen difficulties. In practice, determining the employee count turned out to be too much of a hassle.

We have now removed the license type and we have only one type of a license per visual.

This means that there is no more thinking which license type is needed. No more thinking about how the employee amount is calculated. And no more thinking about how the license price changes if the employee amount changes during the year.

2. More users with the same price

Nothing delights us more than seeing our visuals in use. The change in licensing enables our customers to get them in hands of many more users.

We are keeping the volume discount, and made it even steeper. This is because we didn’t anticipate the amount of licenses are required by larger organizations. You can see the volume discount structure from our website.

What happens to trials?

We still keep them. All of our visuals can be tested with a risk-free, low-cost trial. Trials are full licenses; they are valid for a one week.

Check our Power BI visuals, from our website.

Our visuals are available from our store.

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