Marketing Management thought leader Scott Rosenbluth shares marketing tips for success with startups and small businesses.

From teen entrepreneur to marketing management expert, Scott Rosenbluth, founder of Craze Management (CM), has learned a lot about what it actually takes to launch, sustain, and, ultimately, make successful a startup or small business. His boutique firm Craze Management is dedicated to providing small businesses with a team and strategic plans to gain traction in the marketplace.

“When you’re just getting started, and trying to build a name for yourself, it’s all about your product and customer relationships,” Rosenbluth reveals. “But you can’t loose sight of things like brand presence, engaging social media, content, and press which can drive your growth. Not every small business has the funding to focus on these things immediately. That was something we wanted to change.”

After six years running a youth-marketing agency in New York and Boston, Scott Rosenbluth has launched Craze Management in New York City. CM is a “work share” startup helping small businesses and startups accelerate through full-service management in marketing, business development, content creation, creative design (including UXD), social media, public relations, and finance.

Rosenbluth believes its essential when hiring marketing management to begin the work with exploratory conversations. “I spend much of my time speaking with small business owners and executives about their current marketing strategy,” he says. “The more conversations I have, the more I find that most small businesses don’t have a marketing strategy and don’t have a team to move them forward.” To fill this role, Rosenbluth created CM to deliver on all marketing fronts while being sensitive to the budgetary needs of small operations.

CM works with a diverse roster of clientele, including venerated business institutions that span decades, “Mom and Pop” shops, tech-startups, insurance companies, individual healthcare providers, and professional services like lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, among other enterprises.

Through February 24th, Craze Management is extending a special offer to prospective clients. CM is inviting small businesses, startup owners, and executives to send in their marketing needs and a job description for a marketing person they are looking to hire. In this document, CM requests that interested parties outline each key responsibility and provide information about their company and what goals they are hoping to reach. Scott or a member of the team will reach out to clients to offer advice and detail the myriad ways CM can help.

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