Note From The CEO; Help CM Build Our Team


Hope you are enjoying the Spring Weather!

I wanted to follow up on my last email about the emergence of CM and what that means for small business.

We have been busy creating a simple, powerful, and trustworthy solution for companies to rely on us to run a piece of their business through Marketing, PR, Business Development, and Finance. We aren’t just a vendor: we are family.

As we grow I am looking for college/university students to join us for the Spring/Summer to Help Me Build CM. I don’t believe in internships involving picking up coffee, stapling and reconciling my Seamless bill. I’m looking for young entrepreneurs who can get CM off the ground and take ownership of the work they do.

I am posting here on Medium thinking you may know someone who fits this description. We do have a larger document which we are using as a recruitment tool to find the perfect fit for our culture and startup environment. I am happy to pass that along if you feel it will be helpful.

Please let me know if you may know of someone. I appreciate your time and as always, your support.

Stay Warm — Speak Soon,

— -

Scott Rosenbluth | @sbluth, CRAZE Management | Founder / CEO

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