Takeaways from our CM #SmallBiz Tour

Hello from the midst of travels!

As promised, we have been on the road meeting with small business owners throughout the U.S. and abroad. Like investigative journalists, we’ve been hitting the streets to learn more about our customers, their marketing needs, and how we can help them excel. It’s been awesome and we’re not done, yet!

Thus far, we’ve had the pleasure to meet with business owners spanning all industries. Each of them started with a great idea and have built their enterprises from the ground up. That is no easy feat! They Made It Happen. It’s been amazing spending time with people who dare to dream and have the drive to succeed.

As incredible as these businesses are, many are struggling to fully promote their offerings. Regardless of industry, many shared similar challenges.

In Austin Texas, we met with owners of a bakery who use social media to advertise. Simple enough — right? They were spending thousands of dollars each month advertising on Facebook and Twitter and saw zero increase in website and store traffic. No one has that kind of money and time to waste! When we were in L.A., we met a business owner in the fashion industry. Their prior branding partner hadn’t taken the time to learn their target market and understand their company’s goals. After spending $60,000 + it took just two short months to realize their expensive branding investment was completely ineffective. How do you recover from that?!

It’s not hard to imagine how much these mistakes hurt. Every single dollar counts, and we understand that! Marketing must yield a return on your investment. To that end, Craze Management invests its time getting to know your business, your marketplace, and your competition, to ensure your success and save you money.

Another commonality that arose from this trip is how many businesses are seeking that missing piece — the special “spark” to differentiate their services from the competition, and propel their business directly into the future. They have a solid product or service, and the organizational structure to see it through. To get the word out, they may post on social media, place an ad, or even blog now and then. Seemingly all the pieces are there, but they feel like the next step is just out of reach. Sound familiar?

Perhaps your business is looking for its missing piece too? You are moving along and sales are fine. But you know you can do more. Should you play it safe? Should you hire someone? Or try to do it all?

Here’s where Craze Management comes in. That missing piece isn’t magic! It’s a strategic marketing plan. And when I say strategic, I’m not talking about a post on Facebook here and there, or a few tweets. I am talking about an experienced crew drawing up a map to lead you exactly where you want to take your business. Craze Management will help you reach your customers, build a presence in your marketplace, and manage ongoing media campaigns. The idea is to keep moving your business forward.

But even that won’t suffice. We follow up with analytics to make sure our plan is working along the way. If it’s not, we’ll adjust the sails, so to speak, to set you back on course and continue making progress.

We have the marketing management talent to propel your small business forward. In fact, We live for it! The beauty is, you don’t have to hire a full time staff. Think of Craze Management as an extension of your core team.

We are located on Park Ave in New York, and our reach is worldwide. Whether you are looking for business development, creative design, or marketing content — Craze Management is that spark you’ve been seeking. We will light the way.

Let’s talk and about the future of your small business. Email us at hello@crazemgt.com. I can’t wait to chat!

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