A Year In Review: Foodie Style

2015 has definitely been a good year to be alive and to also be a foodie. What is a foodie, you may ask? A ‘foodie’ is someone with a particular interest in food, and if you follow me on Instagram (@crazii4sushii) then you know that I am one (lowkey, though). One of the many themes I have come across in my journey as a foodie is that eating at the expensive places are not necessarily the best places to eat and the cheap hole-in-the-wall places are not the worst places to eat. Food is what brings people and comfort together in one place, and can produce some great memories. Since everyone has been recently reflecting on their year, it would only make sense for me to reflect on mine with the highlights of what I ate this year. From California to Gainesville, here are some of my top picks of things I ate in 2015. (Warning: don’t read if you’re hungry.)


There is always a line at Milk, and for good reason too. They have delicious macaroon ice cream sandwiches.
Local is the ‘local’ spot for hipsters in Silverlake to get their brunch fix. I highly recommend their french toast.


The original Daikokuya is located in Little Tokyo and this tiny spot is always busy. They have some of the best ramen in LA.
Eggslut is a must, if it’s your first time in LA. I highly recommend the Slut and Fairfax.


Turkish food at it’s finest. How I wish I could eat this everyday.
Another Turkish restaurant, this time on the East Coast. It was clearly a Turkish month for me.


Joan’s on Third has some of the best corned beef hash I’ve ever had.
Hint: the green ones taste like healthy.


I waited 30–40 minutes for this famous Ube ice cream.
Alcoholic boba is a godsend.


The prettiest latte I’ve ever had.
Brick toast: A thick piece of toast topped with every delicious topping you can think of.


The best donuts I’ve ever had.
Ube pancakes, fried eggs, and longaniza. Bless up.


It was 90 degrees and 100% humid that day.
The best beef noodle soup I’ve had in Tampa.


When you’re actually crazy for sushi.
Turkish salad, stuffed grape leaves, and kefta kabob sandwiches.


Another great ramen spot in LA.


Fermented eggs and tofu that I tried at my Friendsgiving this year.
Kalbi beef ribs with side dishes.


Israeli cuisine in the heart of Gainesville.
A cute, French bakery with great chocolate croissants that I stopped at during my first time in Tallahassee.

I hope you guys have been enjoying my blog posts and have a great New Year! See you all in 2016!

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