Titles can be deceiving

“Welcome to Guys We F****d” are the first words to swim through my earbuds every Friday. I tune into this podcast, hosted by the New York based comedy duo Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson rather religiously because it is honestly a form of therapy for me.

Please note: Guys we F****d should never be substituted for actual therapy, which I adhere to and pay for biweekly. Please see a medical professional if you are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar, or Trump-being-nominated-for-president-ism.

As both comedians mention, their initial subscribers consisted of men seeking audible porn. To everyone’s pleasant surprise however, Krystyna and Corinne have created an experience that sink hooks into boner fueled listeners, twenty-something crises havers, or people who have seen their high ranks on iTunes, only to reel them in with their ingenuity, honesty, hilarity, and lack of fucks given.

Like the previously reviewed duo Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams of 2 Dope Queens, the duo behind the live comedy show “Sorry About Last Night” started kicking ass and taking names long before their podcast was created. A break up between Corinne and her ex-bf was the trigger to transform their live stand up show to a podcast (while I don’t know said ex, I suspect he’s an idiot based on my love for Corinne and obsession with her #SundayBunday series https://www.instagram.com/philanthropygal/?hl=en). What resulted was a beautiful anti-slut shaming safe space for humans of all sorts to tune in to comedy, unapologetic feminism, uncomfortable moments between hosts and guests, and awesome exposure to emerging musicians. Stephen, Krystyna’s boyfriend of five years who has given the go-ahead to his partner to talk about all of their amazing kinky relationship, is also a music aficionado. Their show generally follows the formula of: intro between the two friends/ talks of current events, goofy reading of advertisements, reading of letters from listeners/ fans, snippet of song, interview with guest, another snippet of a different song.

These women are not afraid to go anywhere — they’ve interviewed men they’ve fucked, respectable comedians, hip-hop artists you want to punch in the face, former Islamist extremists, and some hyper intelligent doctors, novelists and actors. After the Orlando shootings, their intro was an audible collage of responses from the queer community, and they also veer from their usual episode when it comes to honouring deceased comedians like Kevin Meaney.

The topics of their emails range in subject matter from female hair loss (alopecia areata), rape/assault and the atrocious manner these reported cases are often handled in, anal-lingus, and general dick-dom. Honestly, its hard to review a podcast that so often goes outside of the box it lived in only a week prior. These two women (and the many producers/team members involved) are constantly pushing their own norms and it is so lovely and engaging to listen to. They genuinely want to do anything they can to be righteous feminist ladies who don’t succumb to their inherent white privilege.

I haven’t learned much specifically about sex or the guys they’ve fucked through this podcast. What I learned is that no kink/turn on should be shamed or kept secret, that queefing happens to everyone, and that Krystyna is the only adult I’ve heard actually admit to the weird things we all do as children when we’re confused and curious about what the fuck is going on “down there.” Sometimes the show is live, and sometimes it’s taped. Sometimes they play the music of artists I don’t know, and at other times they read the email I sent them about my talented singer/song writer friend and play her music. Either way, you need to subscribe, listen and engage with this fine duo ASAP.

I’m on holiday and haven’t been able to listen to their response to the election, but I did enjoy their instagram video response were Krystyna shoved McDonalds fries up her nose like a sexy funny adult should. I’m obviously bias and an unhealthy level of obsessed with this duo, so check them out for yourself at http://www.sorryaboutlastnightcomedy.com/

Alternatively, you can get lost in their beautiful minds while watching their TedTalk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2-K7VkXGXE