Thanks for the recommendations! Awesome that you enjoy reading so much!
Brad Henderson

What I’ve taken note of over the years is that to actually take in the information you are presented with via audio, listening to it more than once, ideally three or four times, is pretty much a must. It’s sadly not common knowledge but even the written text doesn’t really sink in the first time around and since most people consume audiobooks while they’re occupying their hands in one way or another, the finer points of the material presented, literally goes in one ear and takes a hike out the other ear in a matter of seconds.

I can’t be certain, but if I remember correctly I began my own journey with audiobooks via the works of Will Durant and his wife. The books not only cover history, but also theology, the arts and culture. Some may consider them a bit dated since the series began in the 1930’s and ended in the late 70’s, but he managed to cover the early ages of Man up to and including the Napoleonic age, an impressive feat for one man, only later joined by his wife.

You won’t be able to swallow those books quickly but you’ll certainly enjoy them. I should perhaps mention that the first book in the series is about Asia from ancient time to the 1930’s, only the later books focused mainly on Europe and a specific time period ( Vo1 : Our Oriental Heritage; Vol 2: The Life of Greece; Vol.3: Caesar and Christ; Vol 4: The Age of Faith; Vol 5: The Renaissance; Vol 6: The Reformation; Vol 7: The Age of Reason Begins; Vol 8: The Age of Louis XIV; Vol 9:The Age of Voltaire; Vol. 10: Rousseau and Revolution; Vol 11: The Age of Napoleon.)


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