Except Robert Reich, James Galbraith, Brad Miller, William K.
Explain It For Me

Great article and puts every doubt regarding Sander’s progressive agenda into perspective. Having said that, my question is why hasn’t the media, particularly those news cast that report on these campaigns almost all day, not have found these discrepancies with Sanders. It brings to mind that media indeed just wants to report the discourse, negative antics of the campaign and not necessarily the facts. At times I have even question how in many news reports, particularly in CNN they are quick to report on how untrustworthy the voters feel Clinton is, how the polls characterize her as dishonest etc., yet they haven’t taken the initiative to look or research all of Bernie’s so-called “stellar image,” approach to his candidacy. Why have these young voters not been advised as to the real truth to all he has supposedly said he can do? Anyone with an ounce of intelligence and reality knows that promising things you cannot deliver without legislative action, is indeed disingenuous. I too have disagreed with many of Clinton’s decision, but I also give credit where credit is due, and she in fact for New York was a very good senator. It was unfortunate that as Secretary of State she was on her way to having served in that role successfully, until the Benghazi bombing happened and then the e-mail scandal. In my perspective regarding those two issues, I truly believe that Benghazi was the failure of communicating effectively to the SOS by Department personnel the real urgency the embassy was requesting for more security. As for the e-mail private server, many SOS before her have come forward to state that they two have worked with information that was at the time deemed unclassified, yet they were never investigated. It is ironic that the two who admitted to such, Collin Powel and Condeleeza Rice, both Secretary of States under a Republican president, were not investigated. The Republicans worst nightmare is to see A Clinton back in the White House in reversed roles and if keeping the majority in both houses, we are bracing for another 4 years, possibly 8 of more obstruction and more power play by the Republican Pac. Thanks for this great reporting.