7 Affiliate Marketing Secrets Tactics That Will Help You Win in 2019


Affiliate marketing secrets article will help make the right decision in terms of developing an online business. And to make money.

Right now, passive income and affiliate marketing is something everybody’s talking about.

Many of the affiliate programs out there will accept just about any webmaster. Some are more selective, but they’re usually just looking for affiliates who own sites with lots of traffic. Most do not take the subject matter of your site into consideration. So it’s up to you to find programs that are a good fit.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing programs is whether they would appeal to your target market. Here’s an extreme example: If you run a website about knitting, joining an affiliate program for a car parts company probably wouldn’t be wise. Even becoming an affiliate for a company that sells supplies for other crafts might not make you much money.

Stick close to the subject matter and become an affiliate for a yarn or pattern company.If you plan to purchase pay per click ads to direct visitors straight to your affiliate link (or use other methods to do so), you’ll have a lot more leeway as far as choosing programs. But it’s still a good idea to stick with products you have at least some interest in. This will make it easier for you to write appealing ads, not to mention making your work more pleasant for you.

Commission isn’t the most important thing when selecting affiliate programs, but it should certainly be considered. But it’s best considered after you’ve found programs that are a good fit for your site and/or interests. Percentage is the first thing that most affiliates look at, but it’s also crucial to consider the terms regarding payment of commissions. If there are conditions that could significantly reduce your commissions or make receiving payment difficult, you might want to reconsider.

Just like any other moneymaking opportunity, there is the potential for scams in affiliate marketing. So it’s not a bad idea to do a little research before signing up with a company that you’re not particularly familiar with. You could also go through an affiliate marketplace, which acts as an intermediary between companies and their affiliates. Some good ones to consider are Commission Junction, LinkShare and Pepperjam.


Affiliate Marketing Secrets : 7 Killer Ways to Online Business

Tip number 1 is going to be about cookies.

Cookies are kind of a tracking mechanism that helps people tie your sales to your commissions when it comes to affiliate marketing. A lot of people don’t realize that some programs have these short term cookies. There may be 24/72 hours. But what you want to do is to prioritize affiliate programs and products that have long-term cookies, a week, or even 14 days, or 30 days behind them. So ultimately, I think if you can find longer-term cookies, and increase that buying window, that you’re gonna be better off. And you’re gonna get more of those sales.

Number 2 - is a long-term strategy and it’s going to be about recurring affiliate revenue.

If you keep on making videos, or content that helps people, and that facilitates a sale of that service, that you’re gonna get recurring revenue over, and over again. Now you can find a lot of different programs that offer recurring commissions.

So in the education market and space, that’s a lot easier to do it. So that’s why I like to prioritize things that are recurring, because that’s a sustainable long-term income.

Tip number 3 is automation for affiliate leads.

It would mean making an automated post to social media, and doing content marketing.

Now obviously content is the best way to scale affiliate revenue and to get affiliate sales because you’re using value. If you grow your audience. and you have places to distribute, like Facebook, Twitter, etc, then that’s gonna help you.

It can also help you, is make variations of these posts for different platforms, and also spread them out, schedule them, and use a content library

Tip number 4 — Ads

Now, not all affiliate programs allow you to do that. So make sure you’re reading the terms of service, and that you’re in compliance with that.But there are some affiliate programs that will let you take advantage of advertising in order to get lead generation, and traffic.

You can buy ads. Then take people to a dedicated landing page, or to a blog post, or freebie for your email list. And you could grow it that way.


Tip number 5 — using email marketing

Now again, as long as your email marketing platform allows you to do affiliate marketing, this is perfectly fine to do. And if you’ve grown an email list, you will have direct access to people.

So if you have direct access to people through email, and you’re giving them value in the form of your newsletter, then you’re likely to get conversions and clicks from there, either to content or to direct links.

Tip Number 6 is video marketing, especially with YouTube

As long as you’re doing authentic content that services your audience, that it’s gonna be helpful. Is a great traffic funnel for affiliate marketing.

Tutorials usually work really good for software service products, and things of that nature. And this is something that I think more people could take advantage of. And that’s why introducing products, being a resource, making tutorials, following up, answering questions is important. And can actually really help you to monetize, and make passive income by doing upfront work that makes you part of a community.

Tip Number 7 is to have multiple affiliate marketing programs

And I know that doesn’t sound like a secret, but this is the hat trick.And prioritize the ones that stand to make you the most money long term, or the ones that provide the most upfront cash flow. If that’s what you really need.

Now, if you have a background in something, where you have expertise or experience, then you can take advantage of different affiliate programs. And you can make those a priority.

There’s just some of the affiliate marketing secrets to help you make the most money.

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