WpQuickPromote review -may 2019

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WP Quick Promote creates a simple bridge page for affiliate promotions. WordPress software can bridge the gap from point A from Facebook to point B (profiting from affiliate promotions).

It Is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin for creating elegant, simple affiliate promotions pages, in less than 60 seconds.

With this plugin, you can promote affiliate products,using the power of social media, especially Facebook.

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It can help you to promote your affiliate links online and get free traffic.

From installation to final URL to share with others, it took less than 5 minutes, in 3 easy steps:

· install WP-quick-promote on your WordPress website .

· insert a headline, an affiliate link and a call to action button.

· share the link to your promotion page & start earning commissions!

WP Quick Promote works with any, and every affiliate network out there : Click-bank, JV zoo, PayDotCom, Warrior Plus, etc.

WP Quick Promote is one of the easiest and best plugin I have seen. It allows you to get free traffic from Facebook .

Also it allows to share your affiliate link on Facebook, without being block by it.

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Here’s What’s Included Inside Of 

Forget about complicated page builders.

Forget about plugins that will break your site.

Grab WP Quick Promote, upload it, create a bridge page and start earning.

But first , let’s see how the software works. See here a demo…


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Combine it with WP Quick Promote and create quality promotional pages fast and easy.


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Make it affiliate marketing simple, again.

This is one of the easiest and best plugins I have seen that allows you to create amazing simple bridge pages.