On Sanders, Trump, Economies of Scale & Global Development
Faruk Ateş

Completely lazy thinking. Sorry but this post just fails on so many levels.

Completely ignores the possibility of substitution — the iphone is not “essential” The i-phone has only been around for about 10 years. People survived just fine before the i-phone came along. People survived just fine before cell phones in general!

Completely ignores that for many struggling Americans, even thinking about owning a $800 i-phone is impossible. (So people are living this “horrible” reality)

Completely ignores that for many, the phone is a lifeline- not an internet device (i.e. a cheap flip phone does just fine)

Completely ignores that the US is the largest economy in the world and if a company wants to sell to the US economy — it has to figure out how manufacture its products at an affordable cost.

Completely ignores that not so long ago, China didn’t have this infrastructure either. China managed to build it within a 15 years. (reminder cell phones as a technology is still pretty new) Yet some how, the US could never, ever do the same thing.

This post is just a rehash of all the other lazy arguments that are used against:

  1. minimum wage
  2. environmental protections
  3. health and safety standards
  4. consumer protections
  5. etc
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