Flipkart to hire without interviews, partners with Udacity

Flipkart, the Indian e-commerce giant, started hiring people without any job interviews. Partnering with Udacity, Flipkart has already hired three graduates from Udacity’s Android Developer Nanodegree program without conducting any interviews.

This move from Flipkart shows that it is willing to break away from the traditional in-person job interviews and is open to redefining the process of hiring in the industry. This approach also helped them to hire talents quickly by shortening the whole process of hiring.

Sources from Udacity confirms that the three graduates, already hired by Flipkart, have started to work with the mobile development team and expects Flipkart to hire more graduates in the future.

The Android Nanodegree program from Udacity consists of courses designed and taught by experts from Google which includes project reviews, mentorship and career services.

According to Peeyush Ranjan, Chief Technology Officer at Flipkart, the traditional hiring process is only focussed on the performance of the candidates on that particular day, which may not be a true reflection of their skills and talent. And this is where, someone like Udacity plays an important role, as it provides graduates having extraordinary skills and talents accrued from the Nanodegree program studies.

Peeyush Ranjan added that the shortlisted profiles provided by Udacity along with the in-depth data about the graduates enabled Flipkart to assess the skills of the graduates in a much better way.

Sebastian Thrun, co-founder and CEO of Udacity is equally excited and informed that the goal of Udacity is to have the Nanodegree graduates in demand for various positions like mobile, data analyst, web development and machine learning.

According to Internet & Mobile Association of India, the mobile economy is growing at a very rapid pace, but the availability of skilled mobile developers is in short supply. In 2020, the demand for mobile developers is expected to be around 20 million and educational platforms like Udacity will have a much larger role to play in the future.

Originally published at tamilgoose.com on January 30, 2016.