Important tips to top in 10th board exams

Class 10 board exam helps students in deciding and building their next step in their career. This scorecard will show how strong a person’s educational background is, so here are few tips to top 10th board exams.

Tips to top in 10th board exams #1: Question paper analysis

Collect few previous year 10th question papers and sample solved papers. Analyze the paper, note the mark distribution and important topics. Understand the pattern of the questions (one word, brief answers, essay type) and prepare accordingly. After preparation of each subject, solve all the sample papers you have. It will help you in having a clear cut picture of what you are going to face.

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Tips to top in 10th board exams #2: Study in the morning

  • At early hours, your brain will grasp things easily.
  • Distractions will be less at early morning.
  • Start a new topic or a difficult topic as your full attention will be on studying at this hour of the day.
  • Exercise for a little time as it will increase your concentration.

Tips to top in 10th board exams #3: Food habits

  • Avoid drinking tea or caffeine products to avoid sleep
  • Eat homemade food and avoid eating outside
  • Eat plenty of fruits to keep you hydrated.
  • Drink lot of water, it will improve blood and oxygen circulation to brain
  • Avoid junk food as it makes you feel lazy.

Tips to top in 10th board exams #4: Revise well

When your exam dates are near start revising the topics. Prioritize the topics. Make a revision time table.

Keep these in mind when you are revising the subjects for 10th board exams. These are the most important points-

  • Science: The questions will be specific. So revise in such a way that you answer to the point. Revise all the diagrams. Revise the equations. Memorize the elements and compounds
  • Social: Practice map pointing. Locate cities, historical areas, different geographical locations. Memorize the important dates, events, period of events.
  • Mathematics: Practice fundamentals. Learn the formulas. Practice graphs and constructions. Beware of silly mistakes you often make.
  • Languages: Revise grammar. Make sure of spellings and

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Tips to top in 10th board exams #5: How to answer (Attractive paper presentation)

  • Read all the questions before attempting.
  • Recollect all the topics you have studied related to the answer.
  • Write precise and clear answers.
  • Don’t over write in a hurry to answer a question.
  • Don’t leave a question unanswered.
  • Give sub headings and underline the important points.
  • Draw graphs and charts.
  • Make tabular columns when its necessary.
  • Make the paper look attractive.

Tips to top in 10th board exams #6: On the Class 10 exam day

Before exam:

  • Reach exam hall before reporting time.
  • Think your exam day as your regular day.
  • Carry admit card, pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener.
  • Check your register number and get seated at the allotted place.
  • Give a glance to the entire question paper so that you will know how to manage time.
  • Read the question once or twice before answering. At first, write the answers you know really well. Don’t get stuck on any particular question.

After exam:

  • Don’t discuss your answers with anyone after the exam.
  • Take good rest and start preparing for the next exam.


  • Don’t spend time on watching television.
  • Don’t eat a lot of food while studying.
  • Don’t stick to guides.
  • Don’t quarrel with anyone as it will disturb you.

Tips for parents

  • Understand that every child is unique and never compare them with others.
  • Analyze the ability of your children.
  • Understand their physical and mental needs.
  • Talk positively.
  • Make sure your child reads during a fixed time of the day.
  • If you find any problem in a particular subject, meet the appropriate teacher, talk and sort out in person.
  • Keep encouraging your children.
  • Even if they have not done well in one exam, motivate them to do well in other subjects.

Keep in mind that studying only for marks will not help you in achieving your goal. Enjoy the subject. Understand why you are being taught this subject. Relate with the real world. Follow these important tips to top in 10th board exams and be successful in life.


Originally published at on February 24, 2016.