Now you can confirm Railway Tickets for Emergency Travel

Usually, the train ticket booking commences at least 120 days before the departure, and everything gets booked within minutes especially amid special occasion and festival seasons. During such scenario, it is difficult to get seats if you have to travel in any emergency to another city at short notice. The major examples are soldiers, elderly, people who are sick, pregnant woman or students going for prospective employee meetings / job interviews.

However, there is very good news for people to travel under such circumstances. You can now ring up a recently set-up crisis cell of Southern Railway, where an officer will guarantee that tickets are released under the emergency quota after checking the validity of the case. This propelled activity, is the invention of the chief commercial manager of Southern Railway, Ajeet Saxena, when he realized that the tickets under EQ (Emergency Quota) were received to influential people and not to one with genuine reasons.

In his interview, he said, “Whatever facility that can be accessed by my old mother or family members when they are travelling should be available to those who are facing a genuine emergency.” He further added, “Know your rights and don’t accept bad service, give us feedback.”

In addition, the special cell can likewise be reached when in need for ambulances, medicines and wheel chairs. Also, the system will be examined on a regular basis to check the requests coming from the common man. If tickets are unutilized, it will be further used to clear the waiting list to benefit ordinary passengers.

The new framework guarantees the facility to be accessible to any needed individual. Southern Railway has likewise given the contact number of the officer on special duty, Ishaq Shareiff, who is accountable for the special cell. He can be reached on 9003160969.

As of now, the concerned department is conducting field trials and the scheme would be launched on March 1.

Originally published at on February 22, 2016.