Snapchat, Kicking it Old School

Snapchat is a force to be reckoned with in the social media age we live in today. It’s the great medium between all of the social media sites. Twitter is where you may share your thoughts. Instagram is where you share your photos that are considered “worthy.” Facebook is where you share life events. Snapchat fills the gap with daily, spontaneous communication between users that doesn’t quite fit with other social media platforms It’s unfiltered, unedited, real, and shared in real time. It makes up with the content where it lacks in actual photo/video quality. It allows you to illustrate a story through everyday life, giving you an authentic behind the scenes look at a user’s daily life. With Snapchat, you can create a narrative of your story, your struggles, and your successes! 
 For that reason, it’s exactly why I prefer to use Snapchat for my up and coming comedy show, The Crazy Mike Show (Snapchat handle. capintainmike34, shameless plug ha-ha). In my opinion TV has been dying ever since social media and online streaming became house hold norms. The only time I watch TV anymore is whenever I’m at my parents, or grandparents house, and I’m a 21 year old college student.
 My Snapchat story The Crazy Mike Show is a mixture of all of my favorite comedy actors and styles. Actors like Buster Keaton, Jim Carrey, and Jonny Knoxville, just to name a couple all influence my style of filming comedy skits. I’m passion about making people laugh. It brings me joy knowing I can ease someone else’s suffering by bringing a smile to their faces. But even if I have amazing content, there is a catch with being the new kid on the block where and how do I get any followers??
 Snapchat is a whole new beast when it comes to getting followers. it actually pretty cool to me how Snapchat doesn’t offer a list of people you might be interested in following. This makes it difficult to gain new followers. unlike other social media platforms that provide friend list for people to endlessly follow and unfollow people for more followers. Snapchat is sort of old school in the sense that you have to be face to face with said person in order for him, or her to follow you, or you have to have word of mouth from people taking about your content flowing around. So besides tips on gaining followers from others social medias sites, I’m going to share some tips on gaining followers the old fashioned why through Snapchat.
 Tip number one is to produce your content where everyone can see what you’re doing. Take for example when I go out and shoot a video on campus, the amount of potential followers I can receive is much higher than if I just shoot a video at home, where no one can engage with me in person. One of me more successful videos where I sledded down a hill by the campus dorms in a cooler, in my sailor attire I gained a boat load of new followers just because people were there to witness what I was doing in person. That is when then ask “what are you guys doing this for”, and all you have to do it name drop you’re Snapchat handle and you got yourself a bunch of new followers that will share your content to their other friends.
 The next tip is to engage with your audiences. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been messaged by one of my followers commenting on what they thought about my video. I would just strike up a conversation with them and by the end of the conversation they would be shouting me out to their followers on Snapchat. I can only reach so many followers through all of my social media accounts, so if you can get someone that has a whole new friend list that you can’t reach to shout you out. You have the potential to gain a whole new audience. 
The last tip I’ll share with you guys is to always look for the win, win situation. In this day and age everyone is really only concerned about themselves. If you help someone else out with their needs, it’s amazing to see what people will do for you in return. It’s not a competition to see how many Snapchat followers I have compared to someone else, because realistically I will never have the most Snapchat followers in the world. If someone wants a shout out and you want one as well, go for it everyone is on the same team, and the faster you can get out of that me, me, me mentality the better off you’ll be
 So, all and all I hope some of these tips bring you success in your Snapchat ventures, and remember its social media have fun, and meet some interesting people along the way.