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This article has been ported from my personal blog.
You might have been stuck in memory leak when building some kinda javascript-heavy frontend apps like Vue or React on a cloud server itself. Just for serving built artifacts, we do not need large instances, but still the building process is always hungry for more memory you know.
Below is how to resolve such specific problem.

Oh, this is not the case if you already have a dedicated(partitioned) swap space, it’s a better option in any case but in most cases, we will be playing with servers without a swap patition. …

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I’m bored enough already …

As a software engineer or a DevOps engineer, you may come up with boring tasks frequently, one of which is setting up a new cloud environment for deployment of your awesome web apps/micro services.

Using the following script, you will lose the dull pain. Just grab the script and run it with bash, then you will get the complete environment with docker/docker-compose and nginx which are all on the latest stable version.

Note: This is just for Ubuntu Bionic/Focal. Buzz me anytime in case you want to get the same one for any other distro, I’d love to help!

Happy containerizing gents! 😎

Ported from my blog post here.

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Keeping your development machine is really cool especially in case you are a full stack developer — several languages, dependencies, utils, so many stuff which might be conflicting sometimes.

I’ve created a rails starter using docker which is blazing fast in setting up your rails development environment absolutely from zero!

Prerequisites :

Docker and Docker Compose has been installed on your machine

Your favorite code editor

Nothing else! 😎

Okay, let’s get started.

Clone this repo from github first:

git clone
cd rails-docker-starter
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Check the Dockerfile and change the Ruby version as you like.

Now you can just run this command to get a dedicated Ruby on Rials environment which is absolutely reusable as well as…


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