The story starts a week back when my husband asked me if I wanted to join him for a blogging event. I casually agreed to attending it. A day before he reminded me and I was still in two minds wether I should attend the event or skip it to catch up on my weekly sleep. I was inclined to the later.

The day of the event: 7:30 am my husbands alarm rings and I am still thinking. Then something happened in my brain. I decided on the spur of the moment that I should go even though I don’t know the speakers, the agenda etc. I will just get to LEARN SOMETHING or it might inspire me to blog. Within no time we were on our way.

I reached there and got to know it was WIN15 (#WIN15) by Blogadda.
Like any big even there were a lot of people none of whom I knew or had heard off.

The event kicked off and the host Sidharth Kannan introduced Lakshmi Pratury. I was still wondering if I was going to get bored. Thats when I took out my moleskine and just started with the key work of the event ‘BLOG’.
And then it all just flowed :)

Here are some of the sketches

Keynote by Lakshmi Pratury

Ask some questions ppl! — as said by the host

7 Pointers for bloggers by Sruthijith

Travel blogging by Ajay Jain

Brands and Digitial Media by Ashok Lalla

This was a brilliant experience for me :) It was fun to see the power of visualized notes!

Hopefully this will culminate into something more. Fingres crossed.

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