Kids are naturally compassionate, born with an innate love for all living things. It is through cultural conditioning that our respect for other creatures is distorted to conform to the norm. Most people unconsciously accept these double standards and never questions their validity. But some kids refuse to accept their parents rhetoric of love one and eat the other and choose to take a stand for what they know in their heart to be right.
Here are three young activists who will inspire you and your family to make a positive change for your health, the planet, and the animals:

With veganism on the rise across the Western world, meat companies are falling over themselves to get a piece of the cruelty-free pie. The public is beginning to see that animal products are not only cruel but are also unsustainable and unhealthy, which is a cause for concern for companies with profits at risk. Demand for plant-based and vegan products is growing at an exponential rate and companies must meet the changing dietary preferences of consumers or risk loss of revenue.

Some of the largest meat producers are investing heavily in plant protein alternatives. In 2018, Maple Leaf acquired an…

Breakfast is dubbed the most important meal of the day for a reason. Eating a healthy, filling breakfast can set the tone for the rest of the day and mean the difference between a productive day or feeling that afternoon slump. In defense of breakfast, here are 3 simple recipes to start the day off on the right foot:

Smoothies are the perfect way to start a busy morning. They are fast and simple but can be dressed up in so many endless variations. The basics to a bomb smoothie are ripe bananas (preferably frozen), fresh or frozen fruit and…

Leading climate scientists have made yet another dire warning to humanity: If we do not change our ways, life as we know it is headed towards catastrophic collapse. They warn that we must keep our global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, even a half degree more will equate to worsening droughts, fires and other natural disasters that pose a threat to millions of people worldwide. What is new is that the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has given us a time frame. …

First impressions are everything; they can make or break your message depending on the opinions of your audience. Which is why Bruce Friedrich of the Good Food Institute says if you want to sell vegan products, do not market them as vegan. A product with a vegan label risks losing potential patrons over the idea that it is meant exclusively for vegans. So is it better to leave out the V-Word all together?

The word plant-based offers a somewhat similar sentiment to the word vegan; advocating for a diet of primarily plants, with little or no animal products. This word…

Activists everywhere rejoiced at the announcement that Burberry has committed to stop using fur in their future designs. Burberry’s fur use has been restricted in recent years to rabbit, fox, mink and Asiatic raccoon. But they have confirmed that all fur, including angora, will be banned from their designs going forward. In recent years, numerous fashion giants including Versace, Armani, and Gucci have all committed to being fur-free; citing that the use of real fur is not only cruel and unnecessary but extremely outdated.

The good news came as a footnote in a press release on Thursday with the main…

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