7 Unique Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas for your beloved Sisters

Rakhi tying on brother’s arm

To all the brothers out there, have you decided what to give your sister this Raksha Bandhan yet?

Most brothers must have lost track of time but it’s the month of August and the day to finally bring happiness to your sister by showering them with gifts and goodies is back! Yes Raksha Bandhan is what we are talking about- the holy celebration of the bond between a brother and sister’s love and affection where the brother vows to protect his sister for the entire lifetime. In this blog post, we will be discussing about Rakhi gifts online and how you can cheer up your sister!

Rakhi festival celebration in India

Everything said, this Raksha Bandhan try showing some love for your sister in a different and unique manner.

Here are a few ways how you can do that:

Take that extra load for her

Help your sister with her daily chores on this Rakshabandhan

Be it her work load or her household chores; make a promise to her that you shall take care of the job for the next 1 or 2 weeks. Show them that it is not just about one day. In fact start on the day of Raksha Bandhan itself! From helping her with all the decorations and arrangements to cleaning the house up after, do not step back on taking her responsibilities and making them your own.

Send her off to a vacation

Gift a vacation to your sister on this years rakhi

Maybe your sister does need a break from her long and tiring job. Does she come back home every day and complains to you about how much stressed out she is. Well, big her big brother it is time to take care of that by arranging a fun trip — maybe solo or with her friends and give her that nice relaxing time that she so badly needs.

Invest upon her Responsibly

Investment gift for your sister on this Rakhi

What most people do not understand these days is the idea of saving up some money. Instead of buying and spending money on frivolous gifts, try getting something valuable. Mutual funds are a good answer to that. Invest some money on her behalf and show how much you care not just about her but also about her future.

Don’t just send flowers

Surprise your sister with midnight flower delivery on this Rakhi

If you are really away from her and cannot make it on the day of Raksha Bandhan, for whatever the reason may be. Do not just waste it by sending a bunch of flowers. As much as girls love flowers and they bring a wide smile to their face, we might want to show our sisters that they are worth much more. Express them through words. Instead of messaging her how much you regret not seeing her on this day, try penning them down in a letter and make her feel all the more special. Also, you may try midnight flowers delivery in Pune on this Raksha Bandhan to surprise your little sister!

Motivate her

Motivate your sister

Find out what she always wanted to do. Maybe something creative like learning a musical instrument or join bakery classes or take dance lessons. Whatever it maybe, if there is a long lost hobby that she would love to indulge in once again, try planning it out for her. Sign her up for something like this and show her that her talents are wonderful and how much you appreciate them. Motivation can be a very big form of showing affection.

Book a Makeover Session

Book a makeover session for your sister

Instead of gifting her make-up sets, accessories, jewelry, etc. which she ofcourse would not mind, book her an appointment at a parlor for a full make over session. Or you can even hire a personal stylist for her to give that shopaholic side of her a nudge and see her scream in absolute happiness. We are definite that a day spent buying clothes and other accessories are the best gift you can give to any girl and that too sponsored!

Get a Unique Edge in Personalized Stuff

We all know our sisters’ love pretty personalized gifts and hamper with names and picture son them. But this time show the sister’s that they are in charge by gifting them etched mugs that say “Girl Boss” or pillow cases with their favourite quotes or surprise them with gift baskets with all items with her names engraved on them. That’s how you’re going to win her over with a lovely smile and a big tight hug!

So be prepared to be the ‘best brother in the whole wide world’ with the best and unique gifts up your sleeves!!