Course Description

For advanced high school students and adults only, this class was intended for cartoonists at first, but will be great for traditional artists and illustrators who want to learn figure, anatomy, facial expression, perspective, composition, and technique using lines. The focus is on artistically telling stories using human imagery and culture. This will not however, include sequential art, such as paneled cartoons or graphic novels. It’s more about how to make the work that goes into one image look great.

This will be a class where projects are very directed; more about practicing and developing than creating projects, however, there will be some finished works that may be suitable for portfolios.

Once a month, there will be a model in the studio for figure sketching and anatomy (wearing leotards and shorts). There will be an extra fee of $4/month for the model.

We will rotate through 6 basic kinds of lessons:

1. Figure and facial work

2. Background and object work

3. Artist’s Perspective

4. Composition and linework

5. Clothing

6. Color theory using computer color models — you will need a computer and input tablet, or iPad/Android tablet — with a stylus, and software that can manipulate color using RBG and HSB. CMYK is helpful too but not necessary. The best software will be Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator

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