The power of words

I literally hate it when people say that a word shouldn’t give me hope and a word shouldn’t shatter my dreams ,Well power of words has its goods and bads the effort is the same

The bads:

Ok so many people think that a word shouldn’t make someone sad ,tell you what I think ,Well,yes mabye we shouldn’t care about what people say if it is behind our backs or if they are telling us something negative right in the face but hey,we are humans and they are going to hurt anyone at some point if it is not now then it’s any other time but here’s the thing ,Why on earth do we even say these negative comments to people? Is it beacause we are jealous because their success in life and we want them to feel bad and that they are worthless?Or is it because they are already failing in something and every time that try we just go and tell them something to make them feel worse? What are we going to gain ,respect? Or are we going to gain hatred ? Is it funny when people laugh at your hilarious comments about someone who is trying while you are just sitting there judging without even having their experience. How will it feel after a few years when that person who you have been bullying him for trying when he has succeeded and gained the respect you didn’t give him and you are just some worthless person that isn’t respected by a child for your attitude?

The Goods:

Story time : so I am in girls scout (from 7th till 10th grade) my troop leader is in 10th grade and a few days after our meeting I got a text from her saying that my spirit was great in the last meeting and she was so proud of me .I can’t tell you how much it made my whole week just to know that I made someone happy and proud ,I also Love it when my teacher says that I am clever and smart infront of the whole class or when my friends tell me that I have a nice smile or any small word it just makes me feel special


So I have come to a conclusion that Why not just say nice words to people so they can be happy and gain respect and we also will gain respect with that because you can never know how it feels like to be hated from someone even if you have been hated yourself, everyone has his own way of feeling it plus,words are for free and you actually gain respect from them.So let us start using this positive power

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