How the “Bad Guy” Hides in Your Mind
Joe Brewer

Joe, excellent article if it weren’t for the initial expression “Every time we see an enemy it is because our minds have projected them onto the world”. While this can hold true for our own development and introspective efforts to “brake the cycle” it is a pill hard to swallow when others’ doing undoubtedly project into our “realities” and cause havoc. Say for instance, being in a place I am having a good time and as far as projecting enemies onto the world as I could be, when someone had just done that, taking it a step further executing damaging actions.
While I recognize the same expression could be applied to that “disturbed” individual (perhaps your intention of argument) one must not pretend to be unaware (if not naive) about these intrusions. At those points then the question remains if our judgement for bad or good still sustains (?).


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