The Problem with The Witness
nick barr

I’m hoping that Cyan’s new game Abduction which I backed on kickstarter can recover the feelings I used to get for mist. Mist was a game that when I first played as a younger gamer just could not understand. My problem solving was still small and the idea that the books in the book shelf contained the solutions did not reach me. As a kid I simply thought ‘Reading a book in a game? come on!’ Little did I know once I was a young adult and got myst again for the ds which contained the in game notebook mechanic (not well done but the idea was there) did I realize how good the game was. I then when on a myst gaming spree only 8 years ago. Even though the original games were so aged with the static images the story and the puzzles kept me glued on finding the solution. I have never found a puzzle adventure game that grabbed me in the same way.

This game when I saw the trailers for it did kinda remind me somewhat of myst but with the puzzles being so blatantly obvious puzzle spots I felt it lost a sense of immersion that myst had. The puzzles were part of the world the puzzles were explained in the book of how they used the energy of the age in the puzzle whether it was air pressure, water flows, crystals, etc the puzzles matched the world you were in. Great article and glad to see someone else having the same struggle to find a game that harnesses the power that Myst once had.

Here’s hoping Abduction and bring it back.

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