The Fall of Apple.Inc Design?

All Great Things Come To An End.

This is a post about what will happen to Apple when Jony Ive retires. We all know that Steve and Jony were the Lennon and McCartney of Technical Design for Computer Products that influence the world, and made them the most influential men in the world.

Sadly, Steve Jobs is dead, and Jony Ive is starting to indicate that he’s moving on, what or who is in Apple’s pipeline to keep the company’s design ideals at not even world-class, but Apple-class level?

I’m not going to bash the Apple watch, even though I thought it was completely off the board of what Appl/\e has stood for. Which is creatively solving problems for creatives. The Apple Watch like the Microsoft Surface, like any new technology has slow starts. Will Tim Cook pull the plug? But this is not the scope of this post.

The scope is, how will this futuristic company, become the future when time passes 10,15,20 years from now. Tim Cook is a smart guy, but he is an operator/scaling guru at heart, not a designophile. Attracting great talent will not be an issue, but what will the right fit be for the future value and results of Apple?

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