When will they be good enough?
“What if you had the wrong dream all along?”
Lev Karasin

Never…and what a beautiful thing. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good now but you’ll always find a way to make it better.

It means, you’re ambitious, curious, and determined. What amazing qualities!

This means, you’re always going to learn new things, improve both personally and professionally, get out of your comfort zone and have amazing adventures, and find a new and inspiring paths BECAUSE of that.

It can feel awfully debilitating in the moment, I know all too well. I’ve talked to friends, family, and even strangers here on Medium to say “hey, I fucking suck right now. Help me get out of my funk!” We can be so hard on ourselves when things aren’t going how you thought they would or you aren’t as good as you want to be. And it’s ok :-)

Use it as an engine to propel forward. Get better, learn something, or, sometimes, just stop for a moment to gather your energy. Then get back on that horse again!

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

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