Thoughts about (sketching) practice
Eva-Lotta Lamm

Thanks Eva! There are some great resources and tips in this article that I will surely reference and exercise. More importantly, it’s great to know I’m not alone in this strange little struggle we all seem to go through when we create. It’s not because we’re bad at it (although maybe at first it may look or feel that way). It’s because we’re artists and it’s OK to feel that way. So thanks for that reminder.

And in those moments, the real secret is ignoring that little voice that says “You suck. Just quit.” and say “Hmmm, hold on…let me just try something else.”

Over the years I’ve really learned (and am still learning) to push through rather than quit and have had some wonderful results because of it. I still think I suck — sometimes — but I’m a work in progress. And so is my art/design!

By the way, I LOVE your sketchnote travel book! (*swoon*) I did something similar when I travelled to Europe on my own. It’s such a wonderful piece to look back on and visually remember all of the things my camera and my written journal didn’t capture.