The marketing collateral’s you need in 2017

Whether you have a brick-and-mortar business, a service provider or an online store, marketing collaterals have become a must!

Marketing collaterals are nothing but a collection of media or advertisement material required to support the sales of a product or service. In other words, these are documents about your business, products or services that help potential customers, business associates or channel partners remember your business.

These are commonly used to acquire new channel partners, by explaining the details of sales and merchandising programs that companies want their partners to execute.

The rise of digital media has further enabled the marketing collateral to assume formats that go beyond printed material.

Some of the key benefits of using marketing collaterals include:

  • Creates credibility for your business
  • Gives clarity on the reasons why your product or service is better
  • Provides your marketing and sales team an effective way of explaining the function of your product or service

That said, marketing collaterals should not be confused with advertising, and can also take the form of — follow-up a mailers, White Papers, Newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, Web Blogs, Brochures, even Electronic Displays in Retail Stores, Sales Brochures, Visual Aids, Sales Scripts, Demonstration Scripts, Promotional Pictures, and so on…

What are the key marketing collateral for a business?

Before you begin — it is very important to make sure that your marketing collateral covers these key points:

  • What’s special about your business?
  • What products and services you offer?
  • Why should people choose you?
  • What differentiates you from your competition?
  • What are the sales, discounts or financing options offered by you?
  • What do other customers enjoy about your business?
  • How can people purchase your products or services?
  • Where is your business located and how can people contact you?

That said — figuring out which types of marketing collateral your business needs the most, could be tricky to someone who isn’t a marketing professional. Therefore — we have compiled a list of some of the “must-have” marketing collaterals for your business:

1. Stationery — Business Card, Letterhead, Envelope

Business stationery is the hardcopy vehicle for communication between a company and its clients. It doesn’t matter what your business model is, it is very important that you have a general business card for yourself, and preferably for all the employees that interact with potential customers. Letterheads act as part reference tools, and part promotion tools.

2. Brochure

Another important material that you must have is a brochure that is professionally designed and talks in-depth about your company, products or services.

The company brochure is one of the first points of contact with your customer, and it goes without saying that — great impressions certainly cannot be achieved with an average-looking brochures. These come of great use when meeting potential or new customers, suppliers or even the media. While the product or service brochure supports the sales process by influencing buying decision from the customers. Prospective customers mainly use the brochure for reading about your product or service.

3. Product / Service Sell Sheet & Company Fact Sheet

It is a great practice to have a one-page sheet which offer detailed insights (size, weight, different components, different materials, etc. to summarize your main or even all of your products and services.

Additionally, also try including a sheet with (or having a separate sheet that includes) cost comparisons with competitors, that shows the benefits and advantages your target audience will get by using your product or service.

Aside these, creating an interesting company fact sheet that displays company history or company culture, company information, company biographies on the founders, company geography, and so on…

4. Presentation Folders

In extension to all that — make sure to create a professional brand-matching presentation folder with your brand’s colors and logo, that can easily hold all of the documents that you or your sales team will hand to prospects. This will not only make your prospects happier, but it will show that you prefer to be organized.

5. Web Content

Web content is widely known to be of great help while creating a digital presence. Hence, it is very important that you have web content that leverages your customers to understand your company, product, service, etc. This is aside the blog that your website must have, talking about topics surrounding your offerings. There is no particular form it can be classified, and can be anything from — about your company, blogs, offering details, press releases, and so on…

6. White Paper / Success Stories / Case Studies

This is a persuasive one-page marketing document that explains how your product or service helped a client solve a problem and attain a goal, often including a testimonial and technical information. It is commonly written in a problem / solution and before / after format.

7. Company Awards and Publicity

If your business has won any type of award or was recognized for an honour, it would be great idea to have a one-pager that lists down all these. Also, include the times your business was mentioned in the media, along with some reference links or newspaper / magazine cut-outs.

8. Press Kit

A press kit must have a downloadable zip folder that contains — your business logo, press release (company’s most recent or most critical news / information), company background info, company fact sheet, product fact sheet, business cards, pitch letter, articles written about company, etc. This is what the media downloads if they are interested in writing a story about you or your business.

9. Newsletters

Newsletters are one of the best ways for customer engagement using email marketing, with a great open rate when used in e-mail marketing, and are often put on your website, social media pages and even printed and given to paying customers.

10. Upcoming Events

Creating strikingly impressive flyers about upcoming events (in digital and printed form) your business is holding or upcoming events or trade shows that your business will be exhibiting / participating in, is a must-have if you want to entice people to spend money on your business again. This works for both brick-and-mortar stores, service providers and online stores.