Collaborative whiteboard app now over the Internet.

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Inko 2, our collaborative whiteboard app, is not quite wrapped up yet, but we thought it could help to offer it through a public beta program considering the current lockdown situation. We’ve been working hard on it for the last 18 months, and the time has come to share it.

What is Inko?

Inko is a collaborative whiteboard that lets you draw together using multiple iPad, iPhone or Mac, and even interact on Apple TV. …

Prizmo 5 Splash Header Image
Prizmo 5 Splash Header Image

Rebooting the pro scanning pioneer on iPhone & iPad

Ten years after the initial introduction of Prizmo on the Mac, that came with the innovative idea, at the time, of using a digital camera as a document scanner, we are updating Prizmo on iOS. We’ve been busy with Prizmo 5 for over two years and we’re proud to finally release it.

Prizmo (App Store link, intro video, website) lets you scan documents on iPhone or iPad using the built-in camera or by loading input files, and then create PDFs with embedded text, read the recognized text aloud, or process business cards. …

Phew, What a year!

We have now crossed the one-million download mark for Prizmo Go. In just over a year. That is our fastest user base growth so far.

It might seem small to apps that target audience growth. It’s never been the case for our apps, as we make productivity, accessibility, and creativity apps. Moreover, we aren’t used to publishing free apps. So, by our standards and the figures we have observed throughout the years, this is big.

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Prizmo Go has been innovative in a number of ways. As we previously shared, we got the idea of Prizmo Go during the WWDC 2016 Keynote in San Francisco, at the exact moment when Apple introduced Universal Clipboard on stage (copy/pasting between iPhone and Mac). We already had Prizmo which excelled at PDF document scanning and OCR, and thus connecting the dots between what was just announced then and what we had was pretty obvious. …



Making apps for Mac, iPhone, & iPad since 2008. Belgium.

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