Once upon a time I started a fitness gear and apparel business. It was born out of pity, but turned into a life changing experience. In the beginning of my start up journey I was very unclear of what I wanted to get out of it. I knew I wanted to make money and become successful, but I didn’t learn the tools to do so until much later. What would’ve helped me turn over results faster are clear-cut goals.

I normally took the wake up and see what today has in store approach, rather than the plan it out, put it to work, and then measure the results method. The latter is what builds my success and organizations today. Without setting specific goals we have no way of measuring how far we are coming and how much further we are willing to go.

My approach is more weekly then anything. Every Sunday there is time spent reflecting on what didn’t go as planned, or what worked the best. I take these results and put them into action for the following week. Each time I tweak I find more ways to build a better, engaging audience. For an example I might be promoting a certain product through Facebook. I will use up to three different posts, images, and content, to three different audiences specific to my product. After running the ads for a week I will review the results and focus advertising the following week on which had the most engagement. Now I’m saving money and fueling my best work.

Finally, take pride in what you do. Admire the details, but don’t obsess to the point you don’t start anything. Prepare for the unknown, but expect surprises. Take on those surprises and dominate your market.

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