Cultivating Passion

I recently stumbled upon a documentary on Netflix called “Minimalism.” I was hooked from the opening 5 minutes.

The documentary was based on adding more value to your life, by ridding the bulks of content that have consumed our world for so long. Be more, with less.

This technique was not only meant for physical items but what was occupying your time as well. Your job, hobbies, what you did on your free time. It made me ask myself, “Am I spending my time to the best of my ability?” The answer was no.

I couldn’t tell you how many wasted hours I’ve spent on Facebook, Instagram, TV, and worrying about future outcomes. It became so routine I just assumed this is where my attention needed to be. Why would I spend my time on something I’m truly passionate about? And what am I even truly passionate about?

I say I’m passionate about Photography, but I don’t dedicate a certain amount of time to it daily. Why not, I wonder? Because there is not an immediate payout? Because I don’t have the time? Because I have nothing to shoot? Neither which are good excuses, but I do see the problem by asking myself these questions.

Now, I’m forced to take action for resolution.

See, I don’t really know what I’m truly passionate about because I haven’t been cultivating ideas. Trying things consistently. Dedicating time. I used to think I was born to be passionate about things, and in a way maybe I am, but I also must dedicate the time to those certain things if I wanted to reveal what they truly are.

Time to test?

What I have planned moving forward, is spending TIME with a few potential passions. The time that used to be spent on Facebook and TV. I will break open my Pelican case daily and experiment on new things. Sure, it will sometimes get tough, but I don’t believe passions should be easily obtained either. If that were the case, we would all be passionate about TV and social media and not just addicted.

So, here’s to cultivating and molding the clay God has provided us.


Orphan Aid, Liberia

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