Day 1- Liberia, West Africa

BRAC (Monteserrado County)

This first day is going better than the last 2 trips for me personally. I believe the travel is getting easier to bare, and with the grace of God, I seem a little more focused.

We’re hitting the road in route to find some chickens to look into providing eggs for a few orphanages. Thirty minutes in route we stumble upon a BRAC (training and resource center) located in Monteserrado County. Unfortunately, it was not the location we needed for chickens, but we enjoyed a tour by Armah who seemed to be in charge of the site. He showed us some samples of produce that grow on site, and I have to admit was very impressed with the size of his squash(no laughing).

Armah with his squash

This BRAC facility specialized in training seminars and helped teach people how to farm and about agriculture. Armah was a wonderful host, and let us know that the chickens were located at their Buchanan location. This will put the chickens on hold for a few days, and our day will shift to going to Gbarnga to hang with the kids at Children’s Ministry.

To be continued…

Kids showing off inside their new classrooms

After leaving the kids after a 2-hour visit, I’m filled with tons of gratitude. There are more than 100 children located at Children’s Ministry, but I got to kick it with a select 11 for a fun Q & A.

The kids love to be asked questions, so I started with the basic, “what’s your name?” We went through each child’s first name and sat there while they spelled out each letter. They were always so proud after completing the last letter of their name. After names, we moved on to age, favorite food, then color, and finally what they wanted to be when they grew up. Sadly the majority did not know their real age, so they spouted out a number that was close to one of their friends. My buddy Ali said he was 3 when he is clearly 6 or 7. Anyway, age is just number. Back to what they wanted to be.

My buddy, Ali

4 out of the 11 children chose to be a futbol player, which was surprising because I was expecting 11 of them to choose that as their career considering the obvious LOVE for the professional players. There ended up being a couple of doctors, a couple of teachers, a pilot, a Pastor, and a future Liberian President (which will hopefully come in handy down the road).

Now, this seems like a simple assignment, but these children enjoyed every second of me getting to know them. They also enjoyed getting to know each other a little better. For instance, Cynthia had no idea her friend Allie’s favorite food was Mac & Cheese, and none of the kids knew that my wife’s name was also Allie and her favorite food was also Mac & Cheese! They laughed hysterically when they heard this. They couldn’t believe they liked the same food as an American. Ha.

After a few goodbyes and short time visiting with the children and teachers, we took off to the Hill Top Hotel to grab some food, water, rest and prepare ourselves for what lies ahead.

At the end of this day, I feel overwhelmingly thankful for my Liberian family and for my beautiful family at home and for each of you reading this for that matter.

Until tomorrow…


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