Isaac & Brady


As I’m typing this at the end of a work day on a Thursday afternoon, you’re almost 2 years old. Less than a month away you guys will hit the “Terrible 2’s” as people like to call it, although I feel like you both are ahead of the game if you know what I mean! ha

Today, was a special day for both of you. Your mother, the warrior that she is, decided to go solo and take you guys down to Atlanta to visit the Georgia Aquarium. Note that she is currently 34 weeks pregnant. (I hope by now you realize how lucky we all are to have her)

After the aquarium, she took y’all to Centennial Park to play in the water fountain. You boy’s LOVE water, and from the video she sent me you guys really enjoyed your time there.

Brady, right now you are my Basketball player. Ever since you could handle a small ball, you have wanted to shoot it. You’ve excelled quickly over a short time. Most kids your age don’t have the attention span to stick with it, but you would shoot a ball for hours if we let you. You don’t like missing though, which I guess no one really does but to only be less than 2 years of age and visibly get upset from a basket being missed just shows me you are going to be competitive and gritty like your mother. Which is a good thing, because I had all the natural talent growing up with no competitive fire or grit about me.

You’re repeating pretty much anything we say, and you love to sing Old McDonald, although you and your brother prefer “Old McDommie.” You guys both can sing and pick up on songs quickly.

Barney is your favorite TV show, and you’re a pretty good sleeper. One of the coolest things is watching you join me in blessing your food. You put your hands together and head down while I pray.

Isaac, you’re a daredevil. We predicted you were going to be the risk taker out of you two, because a) you started out smaller, and b) you had to fight for your life inside your mother’s belly. You like to wrestle down your big bro from time to time, and he gets pretty upset about.


There is not a ledge you won’t jump off of, which is awesome but scary as hell sometimes too! Right now, you are our swimmer and baseball player. You love jumping into the pool, and although we have you guys both in swimmies, we assume you’re going to turn into a pretty good swimmer. You’re currently hitting the ball off the tee lefty, and seem to throw right handed. We will see if that changes over time or if you even continue to care for baseball growing up.

You are definitely more independent than your brother right now. Brady seems to want more of my attention which doesn’t appear to bother you, although I sometimes feel guilty for not getting more 1 on 1 with you like I wish.

I have mentioned to your mother that I would like to start splitting you guys up so I can really spend individual time with you both, but you guys really love each other, and it’s hard to separate you.

I’ve been on 4 trips to Africa since your birth, and I miss you guys more and more every time I leave. Thankfully you boys are good on your mother while I’m gone. Although, I hate leaving I know that the work that is being done is worth the departure and my absence. Some kids just don’t have it like you guys. They have lost a lot, and it’s our responsibility to let Christ work through us to close that gap of loneliness.

Every time I go over there, I’m reminded how grateful I am to have you both exactly where you are. I’m grateful for doctors, police, food, water, electricity, and countless other resources that millions of people take for granted every day, including myself once.

I read this out of Psalms during my devotion this morning, and it really resonated with me.

“But his will is with the law of the Lord, and he will meditate on his law, day and night.”

If I can leave all 3 of you with 1 bit of advice, it would be to learn the scripture, know the scripture, and live the scripture. Jesus is our greatest example, and he’s the one you can always count on when things get tough. Remember that no matter how old we get, our primary purpose is to love God, and to love one another. Don’t ever let up on your service. Don’t ever rest. Go forward exhaustingly serving others as Jesus served us.

And finally, your eternal reward will always outweigh your financial earnings if you stay in God’s will. This is hard to learn at first, but once you submit every thing, He provides. Always has and always will.

I hope this letter and all others finds you well and if I’m not here physically, be certain I’m in your hearts.


Proud Father

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