Top 5 Actions that changed my year.

It’s that time of year again. The end of the year that is, when the weight of the current year comes crashing down on you and it’s time for a fresh start! This might be your 5th New Year’s blog you have read in the past week, trying to find the secret to make the year better. While I won’t claim to be the next Tony Robbins, or Les Brown, I will share 5 actions that helped me become more productive.

1) Blogging/Writing: Every morning I spend 10–15 minutes writing whatever I feel like. I call it my “Lizard Brain Content”. This helps me filter all good and bad thoughts before I get the day started.

2) Read: Yes, I’m sure you have heard this tactic several hundred times, but I think the importance is worth telling you again. Reading helps me focus my thoughts, interests, and goals. There is no way we can all know everything, so I like to go in search of learning new things through the words of others. This does not mean I don’t have my own ideas. This just helps me mold what I already know with the new that I learn.

a. Don’t Have Time? If you have time to make coffee you have time to read 2 pages of a book. I set my coffee mug on top of a book. Every time I make a cup of coffee, I read at least 2 pages.

3) Get uncomfortable: As a young boy I was very anxious. I did not like confrontation or being put on the spot. I also was a below average student and an average athlete because of this. My mother handled most of my problems and I never really had any big issues to tackle, until I graduated and my mother couldn’t protect me from the real world. Now, at the age of 26 I still have trouble with being put on the spot and I still get anxious from time to time, but the difference is I persevere through these situations, and what comes out the other side is an above average man, doing above average things. Don’t hide from the inevitable. Stand up, chin high, look the situation in the eyes. You might not always get what you’re hoping for, but you can rest assured you became stronger negotiator.

4) Take Notes: Ever had an idea that could change the world, then two hours later you forgot it? Take notes. I installed (2) 4’x8’ marker boards in my office. I jot down everything from html notes, marketing plans, to potential clients. I look at these boards every day and every night. I also carry around a small journal, in case I’m on the road or out of the office. You can also use your phone or iPad. I like to physically write it out, paper to pen. Makes me feel old school. Ha

5) Spend time with loved ones: Alas, You’re probably on this mission for your family, friends, and loved ones. Make sure to make the time to spend with them. No point in neglecting everyone on the way to the top. If you can’t think of anyone to share some time with, try making time for yourself. Take a break, go on a weekend retreat, and listen to music for a hour a day. Whatever it takes to make you feel nothing but positive vibes.

New Year Resolutions are overrated. We should be focusing more on New Day Resolutions in my opinion. Take today and make it what you want, because the gift of tomorrow is not promised.

Disclaimer: I’m a beginner blogger, so please show mercy for any errors in advance.

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