Creamcoin Masternode setup guide

“Be a Creamer — raise a Cream masternode”
10 simple steps to setup Creamcoin masternode and to earn reward.

Masternode is feature integrated into Creamcoin wallet that generates 20% reward from staking. Wallet have buttons and fields that needs to be filled to raise a masternode.

To raise a masternode you will need to have 100.000 CRM that will go into masternode collateral address. Those coins are still yours, placed in your wallet, and masternode will run as long as they are into wallet. Once you spent them, masternode will stop to generate 20% for you.

Main purpose of the masternode is to strength and secure the Cream blockchain network.

Guide to setup a masternode (with images)
Start the wallet, go to “CreamNodes” menu item, and you will be presented with all running masternodes
Click on “My CreamNodes” tab, then click on “Create” button to start creating your cream masternode
A window will popup. Name your masternode in “Alias” field. In “Address” field type your external address:port
Click on button “Copy Address” and send 100000 CRM to that address. Wait 1 conformation then proceed with setup
Sending 100000 CRM to your copied collateral address, yes, it’s your own address.
Go back to “CreamNodes” menu, select your Cream masternode and click button “Get Config”
Here you must create a file named cream.conf, make sure you follow the screenshot steps. Save the file.
Select your Cream masternode and click button “Start” Then restart the wallet.
After restart you should see your masternode listed in the “CreamNodes Network” tab.
Recognize you IP in the list. If not there, click on start button once again and/or restart the wallet once again. <<< Blockhain explorer <<< Web wallet <<< disclaimer <<< whitepaper <<< personal cream forum
Cream android applications: <<< cream android applications PlayStore
By CreamTeam