I wanna tell you about my country..

Tallinn, Old Soviet Hospital rooftop(demolished) 2014

My country is small, but it’s big enough. It’s around 45 000 square kilometers and it’s mostly surrounded by the sea. It’s mostly cold in here, windy or raining, sometimes even flooding. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not London in here. It can be really nice also, when we have white nights in the middle of summer or when we have light version of auroras in our bogs. Who want’s to know more about Estonian bogs, here you go: http://www.visitestonia.com/en/holiday-destinations-in-estonia/estonian-landscapes/bogs-and-mires-represent-the-primeval-beauty-of-estonian-nature

This i’m gonna tell you right away, when you are planning to stay here, weather casts are waste of time to follow, because in one day we can feel 3 different seasons. It’s estonians inside joke.. What i mean under that, is that usual morning can start with sunshine, then somehow it starts to rain, then the rainman passes, sunshine kicks in and just as you start to enojoy the sunshine it starts to hail. When sun finally goes down, it’s all clear and the birds are singing. So i hope you get the joke. Last year(2014) summer and winter was really crazy, summer was mostly raining with couple days of sunshine in between and winter really never started. It was like long cold autumn, where winter was teasing us with little bit of snow once in a month.

Oela, Rapla, Estonia. Storm heading to north (2014)

Besides funny weather, bogs and white nights we have sea and by sea, i mean a lot of sea.. Oh that sweet freedom what comes from breathing in that delicious sea breeze.. Ofcourse you have to find the right sea breeze for it, you just don’t go to nearest beach like Pirita in Tallinn and enjoy the smell of the sea, because sometimes the smell of seaweed can be really killing.

What i love the most about Estonian seas & beaches is the variation of them. You can find the most dirtiest ones close by the big cities, wich are linked to city canals and were hundreds of people are hanging around or you can find thousands of private beaches just behind the woods all around Estonia. What is amazing in here, is the square kilometers we have per people. It’s around 30 persons per one square kilometre. So you have just enough space and freedom to find your own private beach, if you are eager enough to look for it.

Tallinn, Estonia

The more away you go from the capital, the more you see the real beauty of Estonia. For me living 17 years in the capital of Estonia, which is Tallinn, has done it’s job. I love Tallinn, but i don’t enjoy it as much i enjoy country side. It’s like any other capital, a lot of people, turists, everybody in hurry somewhere, traffic jams, nature dissapearing slowly slowly and the noises.. You just can not sit nicely somewhere, without hearing something being built nor demolished. When i start to think about the country side, i just wanna pack my one bag, quit my job, take my dog and go on adventure.

My dog Deya the Frenchie

Country sides in here are probably like every other country sides in the world, quiet, peaceful, beautiful and cheap. But it’s not only that, why i love countrysides over capitals, it’s the soul of it. People in the countrysides are much more nice, they welcome you more sweet, they open up to you easier, they even spoil you with their smiles and what else can your soul needs, when you have paradise around you, no need to hurry somewhere and only clearness around you.

Oela, Rapla, Estonia

What makes me worry about my people and country are hundreds of youngsters who are disappearing into big world of ours. Lately all young estonians who have finished their high school are trying to fly away as fast as they can, to Australia or England, wherever.. Actually i understand them, Estonia is a bit hard nut to crack, especially when you are young and don’t want to work like a slave.

Truth is estonian economy and it’s salaries are way too extreme for young people. We youngsters have to work our asses off for 3–4€/h and we are working really good actually. We are honest, loyal and busy like bees, when it comes to work. Not to mention we are smart mofos, we know languages at least two, if not even three, four.. And then you have to choose, to be happy or to be successful.. In deep heart of mine, i belive those birds who flew away so fast, will fly back home even faster. Of curse sky is more blue elsewhere, but you can not just leave and forget about your roots man.

It doesn’t matter how hard it is to become successful in here, if you have little bit of bread and cheese, family and friends around you. Love will do it’s own magic. Despite all the struggle in here i still don’t feel like leaving my country. I felt like it before, when i moved to Finland, Helsinki and man i came back as fast as i could. It’s not that something was wrong in there, no.. I was living like a queen, had my own club, shit loads of money and i could really do what ever the fuck i wanted, but at some point it was not enough. My home was missing, my friends, my family and my city which i know by heart. No money can buy you home, if you don’t feel like it, you just can’t push yourself. ❤

Tallinn, Estonia
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