#StayHome — not just a social media fad, but a government-enforced mandate to flatten the curve of the current viral pandemic. This call for social distancing has made it increasingly difficult for brick and mortar businesses to survive let alone, thrive. As communities around the world self-quarantine(rightfully so,)the effects of this are triggering the decline of the global economy and disrupting social cohesion. And yet, one sector has emerged as an unlikely beneficiary…

e-Commerce has become nearly essential for survival and those with the means to purchase their food and supplies digitally are indulging, stock-piling and busying themselves with online…

As long as you don’t copy designs, no one will blame you if you look at graphic design blogs to get inspired. We actually encourage you to do so.

“If you want success, surround yourself with successful people.”

You need to go out, talk to fellow graphic designers, competitors, join design groups, and try to connect with lead graphic designers.

Don’t want to do that? That’s ok! There is an effective alternative for all of you who have trouble going out of your comfort zone, or maybe just don’t have time or motivation to leave the warmth of your home…

It is no wonder that more and more clients are aware of the importance of a good logo. They might not care enough about branding and brand identity yet, but logo? Logo has become a new standard.

How to meet clients expectations? On one hand, we can all agree that they can be quite stressful because they usually don’t really know what they want, on the other hand, we know that we need to keep pushing out only high-quality work.

How do we balance both? There are many tricks we can use during the logo design process that might help…

As we approach the last days of 2018, I start to look back on what we have achieved this year. I reflect on all the ups and downs we had and think on what we can improve to make the upcoming year better.

It is also the time when I start researching which graphic design trends are most likely to prevail so that we’re ready to offer our clients the best.

Like last year, also this year, I’ve spent quite a lot of time and energy analysing more than 200 web pages and blogs, so that I can give you…

Oftentimes while browsing through the cyberspace, I stumble upon a so-called brutalism graphic design. But lately, I see these web pages more and more.

What is this thing? Why are these old school 1995-looking websites popping up like mushrooms after the rain? Does anyone actually like them?

Yes, some people actually do.

Chrissie Abbott — www.chrissieabbott.com

I’ve had it enough. Being a graphic designer, far too often I shudder seeing improper use of fonts. It bothers me so much that I’ve decided to create this easy to comprehend guide, that doesn’t go in details, and is aimed for the masses.

It was easier said than done. How do you even start writing a simple guide and at the same time make it useful to the masses?

You divide them into three distinctive groups:

  • the job seekers,
  • the wannabe bloggers,
  • and frugalists.

Why this classification? Frankly, I don’t know. I guess these types of uses bothered me…

The email notification on web content manager’s MacBook went off again. She couldn’t believe it that the exchange of these particular messages is still going on.

Her poorly educated clients sent her yet another batch of images for which she already knew they were not optimised and will slow down the website.

“WE OPTIMISE THEM FOR WEB” was a standard response of said clients or “THE WEBSITE IS SLOW!”

So what’s the simplest thing you can do to avoid such emails and prevent Google from hating your website?

The power of website speed optimisation

These are key factors that website speed influences:

  • Usability
  • Visibility
  • Conversions


Rick, the newly appointed social media manager, was holding for his head, distress rising with each Graphic Design for Beginners article he read. He was trying to learn graphic design to improve the reach of his company’s social posts.

Just hours before, in a company meeting, his boss was throwing Google Analytic reports around showing little to no growth of visitors coming to their new webpage. A webpage which they’ve spend thousands of dollars on, and Rick was the culprit.

He regretted taking his promotion as a social media manager.

And then, just before giving up…

This is what…

A surefire way to optimise your website and sell more

With the evolution of the Internet, the evaluation of the effectiveness of web design has changed dramatically: if previously the primary indicator of good design was its visual appeal, now usability, readability of pages, positive impact and conversion of visitors play the leading role.

Research on human visual perception and internet audience surveys allow webmasters to create effective designs not only by the creative vision of the designer but also by scientific facts and discoveries.

Below I want to cite several of the most important rules of website neuromarketing that…

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