Women Entrepreneurs under 30 / Alice Bentinck

A new generation of 20-somethings is taking over London’s startup space. Never before were there so many inspirational, active and ambitious (and young) female founders changing our tomorrow. Published every Friday, the ‘Women Entrepreneurs under 30’ series brings you the most exciting stories from all around the world.

Alice Bentinck is 28 years old and so far she did a few great things: together with Matt Clifford she co-founded Entrepreneur First (EF), a place where Europe’s top technical individuals meet and build world-changing startups, and Code First: Girls, a free courses and events programme that helps young women learn the basics of web development and entrepreneurship. A while ago Alice was asked to be one of the Prime Ministers’ advisors for the Northern Future Forum in Helsinki, which included a trip on his private jet (they offered her amazing cream tea) and now she’s the Prime Minister’s expert on startup education. Keep reading, Alice took us behind the scenes of her busy day!

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