From Intern to Field Worker, Part 2: Packing for the Field
Doctors Without Borders

@paaadlock My experience getting an internship at MSF was swift. I took a huge risk (at the time) and submitted an infographic for my resume. I guess it paid off! Now that I’ve been on the hiring side for interns, I know it can be pretty competitive since we receive so many applications. But none of that matters… If you’re interested, please apply! It’s a great way into the organization. Also, I know you’d get to do really interesting work during an internship.

What kept me motivated… A great team helps. When we came back to the office after my first Pfizer shareholder meeting, I had lost so much hope. My colleague told me to look around the room and see that there are people who are willing to dream and believe change is possible (even if it was only 3 of us). It also helps me to read about the work from my colleagues in other places, and learn about how they take on their own challenges.

I’ve learned to appreciate what’s within my control, what’s beyond my control, and to focus on what can be done. I also know that when people come together, really, that realm of possibility feels infinite.