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Max Berger

Excellent. One note: right now and for all the reasons you point to, it’s white insecurity and fear that’s causing the greatest damage and peril. However, at root these manifestations are volcanic eruptions from the deep, extensive magma of ancient human tribalism. Unfortunately, our evolution (especially social) is crafted from an amalgam of the best and the worst. As long as we continue to treat the kind of madness we are currently experiencing, (and which you so eloquently articulate) as an aberration — a species of malevolent, contingent and conscious choice — we will not evolve beyond the terrible consequences of holding the “we” distinct from the “other”, which we perpetuate through religion, political affiliation, extreme sports fandom, and much more besides. Add the tension between wealth and poverty, and the righteous mythology of the powerful that inclines them to believe what they have, they alone earned, and there’s no meaningful end in sight.

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