Wifed Up to a Cosplayer

A case for supporting your spouse’s silly hobby you’d never be interested in.

My husband cosplaying Bishop from X-Men with fancy effects.

So I’m taking this minute space on the internet to feature my dashing, daring, amazing, fearless, handsome…did I say amazing?…husband as he cosplays and what’s it’s like to be his wife who otherwise would be totally disinterested. (To be honest, most days I am disinterested. But that’s not so much the point). It’s like being a cheerleader for a game you don’t watch or even particularly enjoy, but you love that one player on that one team, so you’re going to squeeze your buns into that shmedium uniform, grab your pom poms, and make sure there are spirit fingers and high kicks on the sideline just for him(and there is no hope he’s going to stop playing this sport and just pick up another that both of you enjoy. So you are, blissfully, stuck.).

Ted DiBiase — THE Million Dollar Man — and my husband cosplaying Virgil.

For all my ladies who find yourself in this situation — your man loves golf, or ultimate Frisbee, or larping, or collects knives from the civil war era, or has an obsession with car restoration, or is a tech-head, or is a video gamer, or is fascinated by coffee beans pooped out by exotic animals, or pretends he’s Bill Nye or Bob Villa(age spoiler) in your basement, and you are not only disinterested but couldn’t possibly care any less about his ”thing” than you already do — I feel you. He still needs you to love him because he loves you more than any of his “things”. Let’s embrace them because they are good men who have quirky interests that we mostly don’t understand.

My husband and I cosplaying as Storm and Bishop from X-Men. No he did not successfully lure me into cosplay. I was fulfilling a wedding vow. Cause wub him.