Be a SUCCESSFUL Business Empath

Be a successful Empath business entrepreneur — top tips to prevent emotional and physical overwhelm!

Be a successful Empath business entrepreneur — top tips to prevent emotional and physical overwhelm!

“Spiritual Business” was a term I only recently learned existed, and I’m now quite fond of this term. Running my own business however, I didn’t realise how much Empathically my worlds cross over! If you are an Empath or think you might be, use these tips to help you manage your business (or freelancing — and not excluding working full time, this can still apply) Successfully with out overwhelm burn-out or running away and turning into a complete hermit! It is all about energy and being aware of your own, and that of others around you. Empath is another term for Clairsentient. With that, we’re moving from the world of psychology to the world of spiritual healing.

Signs (not proof!) of being an empath.. — And how to manage this for yourself to maintain your calm and happy zone working

People tell you that they feel better after talking to you about their physical and/or emotional pains, but you tend to feel worse after such conversations.

TIP: Find a way to break the connection with that person so you can disconnect with their emotional state and return to yours. A massage therapist will often shake out their hands and limbs after giving a massage, so by doing so or something similar after talking you can make that energy shift yourself with working relationships too. I love to have something physical to change my emotional connection to, something positive and healing for me, a piece of Labradorite crystal or a bottle of essential oils I had blended up at my local perfumery- are amazing for this

You’ve experienced having aches and pains, or intense emotions out of nowhere, only to find out later that someone you love is going through exactly that.

TIP: If you feel pain or something, note where it hurts or what the emotion is and jott it down in a diary. I carry a little one that fits in my little pocket purse. Emotional or pain burdens often feel halved when shared, even if it just simply writing it down. Then if you find out that someone you love is going through something later, you have a reference of what and how it felt for you. Then maybe you can empathise or help them in the right direction of help, or healing, without feeling guilty or overwhelmed but the synchronicity.

When you’re in a room with many people, your emotions and/or the physical sensations in your body often change extremely from one moment to the next. You’re worried that you may be crazy somehow. Yet, when you’re by yourself, things tend to calm down.

TIP: Firstly stop trying to control your emotions or physical sensations you’re using up twice the energy just trying not be “crazy”, and what ever that means to you, I assure you, everyone else is too worried about themselves! Enjoy the ride, it can be pretty exciting to feed off the excited energy in a room, then as you flit about pick up on one or two different things and possibly tune in to something more serious, or calm where you feel comfortable. Not worrying that you might be all over the place can give you the clarity to feel where you fit, and who you can best connect with!

You have trouble concentrating when other people are around, but you’re able to concentrate just fine when you’re by yourself.

TIP: Plan time by yourself if you have lots of work to do, or you’re working on some particular project that needs a large amount of time and mental concentration. Planning this time, will ensure you can relax and enjoy your self when people are around, not feeling that anxious feeling in the pit of your stomach because your work load is piling up. You can rest in the confidence that you’ve planned it, it’s booked into your schedule so you’ll definitely get it done.

Some people get extremely uncomfortable around you, because they feel that you see right through them. You might have noticed that people avoid you when they want to hide what they are going through somehow.

TIP: If you get a moment to speak to this person before they run away, open the conversation immediately with some reassurance — “Don’t worry, we don’t have talk about it, I’ll be here if/when you want to share” — or something that is personal to them. You want to make them relax knowing you’re not gonna pry or ask, and they can talk when they’re ready to, when they’ve processed or are in an emotional state that they’re willing to share what is going on!

You know a lot about other people, without knowing how. You used to think that everyone knew this much about everyone, but are coming to the realisation that this is -strangely- not the case.

TIP: This is a trippy one, someone just added me on LinkedIn today, who I’d never met, and knew nothing about. Looking at her and her profile I immediately felt like I could feel what kind of personality she had, and a warm bubbly energy. This is a GIFT — so love it and use it! I sent her a message engaging in very light conversation but about something specific she was doing. We’re all trying to be successful or do our bit in the world, it would be a waste or such a shame not to use the gift to help, build and thrive at what we do!

You feel extremely responsible for the well-being of the people around you. People have told you to let go, or not take things so seriously, but you just can’t.

TIP: You’re allowed to feel responsible. You are however NOT allowed to let that worry you, or bring you down. Sometimes just telling that person, “Hey I feel responsible for looking after you when you cross the road, cos how you do it scares me” is enough to help. It makes them aware they you care, and have a feeling of responsibility, and in a way lets you off the hook. Then if you do anything, they have context for why you might have done it, and you can both have a laugh about it after! Breaking the tension isn’t removing the feeling, but removing the negative energy or feeling about the situation.

You have trouble knowing what you want and need. To figure that out, you usually need to be by yourself for a stretch of time, and even then it may be much easier to voice what others want from you, than to say what you want for yourself.

TIP: Again, plan these amounts of times into your diary. For me, I walk to and from work, and to my dance class. This allows me several amounts of time to think, process what happened that day, and how I need and want. And how I need or want to interact with people the next day. Standing up for myself doesn’t come easily but it is WAY easier if I have a clear head and have had time to emotionally calm and prepare myself being alone.

You notice that you’re more directly impacted by other people’s energy when looking someone directly in the eye, being in close proximity to someone or having a strong personal bond with someone (that can influence you over long distances).

TIP: In a business setting, why not use this gift. Connect with these people over a video or skype call. This way you can feel or see there energy and know what to say or maybe even more how to help and work with that person. If you find you have to interact with a person that you feel negative energy from, don’t organise to meet them face to face. If you call them on the phone, you can look at something that makes you feel calm — puppy videos on mute for example. You are in control of the situation and the energy — use it for your advantage and good.

People tend to tell you things that “they’ve never told anyone before” even if they hardly know you.

Gifted Empaths! This is amazing, maybe this will give you additional insight on how you can help, do good or work together as a team to create an amazing collaboration. Treated with respect this can build lasting and glorious working relationships that will last you a life time! Invest this energy in your future!

To read more — Source post, click here. All tips are from Florence Rockwell.