I’ve Got Cats

Laura Manipura

Cats, cats, I’ve got cats.

They scatter like roaches when I turn on the light.

They make scary noises in the middle of the night.

Cats, cats, I’ve got cats.

They are in the tub and in the sink.

They are taking a sip of my evening drink.

Hair, hair, I’ve got hair.

There are white hairs on black pants and black hairs on gray chairs.

There are hairs in the bath and hairs on the stairs.

Hair, hair I’ve got hair

It floats in the air and tickles my nose.

Oh, I’ve got the bloody hair hair woes!

Claws, claws, I’ve got claws.

They are sharp little knives, in soft little paws.

They are knives that rip and scratch and mischief cause

Holes, holes, I’ve got holes.

There are holes in the sofa, drapes and clothes.

There are even holes in my old dog’s nose!


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Laura Manipura

Written by

Honest and vulnerable poems and stories about relationships, life lessons, spirituality, astrology, and nature.

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